Summary: acrobat reader for Solaris x86

From: Andreas Höschler <>
Date: Fri May 15 2009 - 14:49:37 EDT
Hi all,

> call me stupid but I just found a note that acrobat reader is finally
> avaiable for Solaris x86. I have
> 	/opt/temp/AdbeRdr9.1.0-1_i486solaris_deu.bin
> now. But no note anywhere how to install that beast. pkgadd does not
> work! :-(
> 	pkgadd -d AdbeRdr9.1.0-1_i486solaris_deu.bin
> pkgadd: ERROR: attempt to process datastream failed
>      - open of <AdbeRdr9.1.0-1_i486solaris_deu.bin> failed, errno=2
> pkgadd: ERROR: could not process datastream from
> <AdbeRdr9.1.0-1_i486solaris_deu.bin>
> Is this an archive taht had to be uncompressed first. I never
> encountered a bin package in the Solaris context so far. I tried
> StuffIt Expaned on it on a Mac but StuffIt did not like this file
> either!??
> Any idea how to install that. Has anybody actually tried acrobat reader
> for Solaris x86 so far?

Executing the bin file gave me a segmentation fault. But downloading 
another package worked for me:

	bunzip2 AdbeRdr9.1.0-1_i386solaris_enu.pkg.bz2
	pkgadd -d AdbeRdr9.1.0-1_i386solaris_enu.pkg

The print dialog even offers our two cups printers, but the PPDs do not 
seem to be honored. At least I can't specify paper trays, select duplex 
printing,... Any solution to that?


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