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From: Pennington, John <>
Date: Sun May 10 2009 - 15:21:27 EDT
I never did quite get this going, but someone else has take over,
dealing with it.

Original question:

We have a SunFire V210 and have run into a problem:

I was assuming that if I popped in an install DVD that it would boot
from that and I could wipe out everything and be on my way.  However, it
seems the machine is too smart, it has SUN's ALOM (Advanced Lights Out
Manager) running and I don't have the password for that.  Does anyone
know how to reset things to factory default so I can then create my own
ALOM account & password, etc.?

Although nothing quite worked, several people  emailed possible

Sean Leonard emailed me this below:

2 ways to get around it. If you have root, you can call out the reboot
command with boot instructions to boot from cdrom. Or as root you can
use the scadm command to reset the ALOM password. If you don't have
root, you will need physical access and a serial connection. Pull all of
the drives out, and connect to either serial A or B or anything that is
NOT the ALOM. Once the machine boot fails, you should get terminal
access to the ok prompt. (Mine was a SunFire V440, looking at the Netra
210, you might need a hard line into the

DB-9 port)

Also several people mailed me this link:

Thanks  again to all who replied.

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