Summary: Service Processor documentantion for X4240

From: Andreas Höschler <>
Date: Fri May 08 2009 - 04:34:37 EDT
Dear all,

thanks to Scott Lawson who knew the link:

> set /SP/users/root password=password
> Changing password for user /SP/users/root...
> Enter new password again: ********
> New password was successfully set for user /SP/users/root
> For more info see the manual for Sun ILOM 2.0 on
> core_ilom_usrmgmt.html#50413590_pgfId-1019058

In the meanwhile I tried a newer browser with the GUI interface and  
that worked as well!!

>> has anybody had luck finding documentation for the service process of  
>> a X4240 server?All I found was the service manual which describes how  
>> to set the ipaddress (which works as documented). I would like to  
>> change the default password and/or add additional users!? Since this  
>> does not seem to work in the GUI (web) interface (may be due to my  
>> old MacOSX10.2 Safari browser) I wanted to do that with CLI. However,  
>> CLI is far from self complaining. If anybody had found a link to  
>> corresponding documentation I would be glad for a pointer.

Thanks a lot,

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