SUMMARY: XVM Server (Xen) on Solaris 10

From: Stephen Nelson-Smith <>
Date: Tue May 05 2009 - 00:23:59 EDT
Thanks very much to Aleks Feltin and Eric Ham who point out that Xen 
capabilities are simply not available in the Solaris 10 kernel, and 
there appears to be no appetite for back-porting it from OpenSolaris.

The recommended solutions are either to use OpenSolaris, which is felt 
to be sufficently stable for a "not so critical environment", or to use 

Incidentally, the package I identified below is simply to make Solaris 
10 run better as a domU, not a dom0.

Thanks again,




I have a requirement to run some RHEL 5 vms for a client.  At present
2.6 kernel BrandZ is not close to production ready, so it looks like
Xen / XVM is the way forward.  However, all the documentation I can
see seems to assume I am running OpenSolaris.  I'm not - I'm running

How do I get the current Xvm stack?  My basic install seems only to
provide this:

$ pkginfo | grep SUNWxvm
system      SUNWxvmpv                        xVM Paravirtualized Drivers

Any pointers / advice?
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