SUMMARY: 280R jumpstart problem

From: <>
Date: Fri Apr 24 2009 - 11:43:48 EDT
There are several different problems with similar symptoms.

My problem was *one* of these, but from information from list members not 
the only one, i.e. this may help some people but not others.

The problem is not specific to the 280R model or Solaris OS version. 
Looking on the jumpstart server at the Tools/Boot/devices/pseudo folder 
showed it to be empty.  Looking on a Solaris 8 CD shows that the folder 
should be full of character special files.

Other users have found this can happen for various reasons related to how 
the files are copied to the jumpstart server.  In my case I was using 
rsync from another jumpstart server.  Adding the --devices option to the 
rsync command resolved the problem, as the missing character special files 
are then copied.

I should also give credit to this posting:

In particular a quick fix from that posting if you have the CD/DVD is:

cd to the Tools/Boot/devices/pseudo folder on the CD/DVD - on my Solaris 8 
CD under /cdrom/cdrom0/s1
find . -depth -print | cpio -pdumv 

An indicator that you have this problem is this kind of output if you run 
snoop on the jumpstart server while booting the client:

   jclient -> jserver    NFS C LOOKUP3 FH=DC3F console
   jserver -> jclient    NFS R LOOKUP3 OK FH=09C8
   jclient -> jserver    NFS C READLINK3 FH=09C8
   jserver -> jclient    NFS R READLINK3 OK 
   jclient -> jserver    NFS C LOOKUP3 FH=B61D cn@0:console
   jserver -> jclient    NFS R LOOKUP3 No such file or directory  <== This 
should not happen
   jclient -> jserver    NFS C GETATTR3 FH=B61D
   jserver -> jclient    NFS R GETATTR3 OK
   jclient -> jserver    NFS_ACL C GETACL3 FH=B61D mask=8
   jserver -> jclient    NFS_ACL R GETACL3 OK
   jclient -> jserver    NFS C LOOKUP3 FH=B61D cn@0:console
   jserver -> jclient    NFS R LOOKUP3 No such file or directory
   jclient -> jserver    NFS C CREATE3 FH=B61D (GUARDED) cn@0:console
   jserver -> jclient    NFS R CREATE3 Read-only file system

The client will hang at some point in the boot sequence.  Later in the 
snoop output you can see it attempting to write a 'core' file to the 
read-only jumpstart server.

William D L Brown

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