[SUMMARY] Growing zfs volumes

From: J. Landamore <jal_at_mcs.le.ac.uk>
Date: Mon Apr 20 2009 - 05:50:25 EDT
Thanks to:

Tobias Nutt
Scott Lawson
Matthew Stier
Francisco Roque
A Darren Dunham
David Foster

I use the zvol as a UFS mounted filesystem on an x86 platform. I think my
problem was that after using zfs set volsize=<newsize> you need to run
fdisk and fmthard to get the new size recognised before you can growfs.  I
now suspect that these caused my data corruption.  I've since been more
careful and grown volumes successfully.

Thanks for your help


-- original question --

Does anyone know if you can grow a ZFS volume without damaging the data
that is already on it?

You can do a

zfs set volsize=<newsize>  <volume>
but that destroys any data on the volume. 
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