SUMMARY: Migration path for Solaris 8 legacy apps

From: <>
Date: Thu Apr 02 2009 - 11:38:45 EDT
Thanks again, to the "Sun Managers Crew":

Option 1: Buy used hardware (A few suggested this one)
        - I will have to go this route, as this is particular system is a 
"legacy" system.
                - We migrated to Solaris 10 and Linux for our current 
software -- we're talking to this company about upgrading their systems 

Option 2: Buy a Sun Netra 210, which is available up until 6/09 (Thanks to 
Eric Garcia!)
        - This is a really good option, but with the warranty available 
from third-party vendors, option 1 beats it out on pricing since in our 
case, we're moving down an upgrade path with this company

Option 3: Run a Solaris 8 "Container" in Solaris 10 => MOST POPULAR 
        - While this probably makes sense for the most part, it would 
require this configuration to be tested extensively
                -- This is a "Five-Nine's" environment, so no room for 
        - I can't imagine that with the amount of testing required, that 
this would be a good option for anyone (unless you're stuck with something 
that you do not have the source code for)

We actually migrated our software straight to Sol 10 (skipped 9), and it's 
worked well for us so far.

Thanks to those who responded:
        Andy Yother
        Anthony D'Atri
        Bob Wickline
        Louis Perley
        Nate Duehr
        D Ross Smith
        Michael Maciolek
        William Sweeney
        Allan West
        Milan Jurik
        Tim Bradshaw
        Joe Fletcher
        Rob McMahon
        Gary Paveza
        John Stoffel
        Laurence Moughan
        Eric Garcia
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