SUMMARY: Live upgrade question

From: Pennington, John <>
Date: Fri Mar 20 2009 - 19:03:00 EDT
When I first ran the lucreate command to create a Alternate Boot
Environment with live upgrade, it bombed out (due to some missing
patches which Sun had me install) however, the lucreate command still
created the Primary Boot environment. I was a little worried that when
running the command, lufslist be.orig the output was listing every
filesystem on my machine.

Filesystem                          fstype                   device size
Mounted on          Mount Options

----------------------- -------- ------------ -------------------

/dev/md/dsk/d0               ufs                         52434567168
/                   -

/dev/md/dsk/d1               swap                    6293815296
-                   -

/dev/md/dsk/d3               ufs                         52434567168
/var             -

/dev/md/dsk/d4               ufs                         35512123392
/mink          -

/dev/md/dsk/d100          ufs                         146029019136
/data           -

Rajiv, Gunja, helped me out with the below answer. Thanks for the help

Since the PBE is already created, you do not need to worry about it any

lufslist on you PBE just lists the filesystems which it sees as being
associated with that PBE.

Once you create your ABE, and run lufslist on that, it will only show /
and /var since you created only those on the ABE.

The next time when you run lucreate, do not use -c "be.orig", just go
ahead with defining the disks.
lucreate -m /:/.... -n "" -o /var/log/lucreate.out.log  -l

Good Luck.


Rajiv G Gunja
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