SUMMARY: Servers that support Solaris 8

From: Dave Martini <>
Date: Thu Mar 12 2009 - 18:02:13 EDT
Thanks for all the replies.

The short answer is yes the machines I listed all support Solaris 8 but
some require a specific release of Solaris 8 and some require patches.

The links below list the machines and Solaris 8 version and any patches 
if needed.


The machines you list are all in the "EOL" (end of life) section:


Click on a particular server and check the "quick facts" box for
"Minimum Supported Solaris[tm] Operating Environment Versions".

Below is my original question:

Does anyone know a way to tell if a machine will support
Solaris 8? Is there a list somewhere?
Specifically I want to know if the 280R and
the V240 and the V120 will support Solaris 8.

David Martini
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