SUMMARY: How to update a users credentials

From: Dave Martini <>
Date: Thu Mar 12 2009 - 15:24:43 EDT
I found a solution that works.

User davem
Add credentials for davem both LOCAL and DES

% nisaddcred -p 12409 -P local

% nisaddcred -p -P des
Enter davem's login password:
nisaddcred: WARNING: password differs from login password.
Retype password:
Adding key pair for (

When it prompts for a password enter a dummy password for the user which 
they will use later

The next time the user logs in they will see this message

% ssh -l davem cc
davem@cc's password:
Permission denied, please try again.
davem@cc's password:
Password does not decrypt secret key (type = 192-0) for 
Password does not decrypt any secret keys for

At which time they will issue two commands and when it prompts for the 
password after typing
keylogin and for the Secure-RPC password have the user enter the dummy 
password you created above.

% keylogin

davem@cc:/home/davem[2]% chkey -p
Updating nisplus publickey database.
Reencrypting key for ''.
Please enter the Secure-RPC password for davem:
Please enter the login password for davem:

The users credentials should now be up to date.
The users Secure RPC password should now match their login password.

When the user tries to change their Unix password it should work without

Below is my original question

Is there a way to update a users NIS+ LOCAL and DES credentials without 
having to know their password? Both the nisclient and nisaddcred 
commands prompt for the password of the user.  I have a user account 
that changed UID's and the cred table entry for this user has their old 
UID in it and needs to change to their new one.
Dave Martini

# nisclient -co davem

You will be adding DES credentials in domain for

** nisclient will overwrite existing entries in the credential
** table for hosts and users specified above.

Do you want to continue? (type 'y' to continue, 'n' to exit this script) y

checking domain...

checking permission...

... overwriting the existing entry for principal davem!
adding LOCAL credential for davem...
adding DES credential for davem...
Enter davem's login password:

# nisaddcred -p -P des
Enter davem's login password:
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