SUMMARY: (Partial) Two Unrelated Questions - C Compiler for 5.10 & D2 Array

From: Adams Jonathan K NGA-EGMC USA CTR <>
Date: Tue Feb 24 2009 - 08:47:50 EST
Thanks to all who responded, especially John Stoffel and D. Ross-Smith

Re: the D2 Array I was able to see the D2's with both servers by using
the eeprom command to change the scsi-initiator id on one of the

Re: the C Compiler - I am still working the issue, but as Mr. Stoffel
told me I am likely just missing the BerkelyDB where the compiler can
see it.

Original Posting:

"Q1: I am trying to compile an ancient perl - 5.00503 on Solaris 10 for
some old old old perl code I wont recognize my GCC under /usr/sfw or the
SFWspro package under opt.
Under GCC I get an error about not finding -ldb and the Sun compiler
does not work at all with Perl.

Q2: I have a pair of V240 servers and a pair of D2 array. Is it possible
to share these arrays? The SCSI port configuration on the back of the
arrays lead one to believe they are shareable. I have them running in
single bus mode (all 12 disks visible) on one bus. When I connect both
servers I get a series of SCSI Bus resets. I havent read any
documentation that gives a definitive answer. Do I need to have SUN VTS
working (I have not had much luck with it)?"

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