SUMMARY: How will Solaris 9 handle a SAN WWPN/WWNN change

From: Romeo Theriault <>
Date: Mon Feb 09 2009 - 11:43:42 EST
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Antony Pavlenko
Kev Smith
Gary Paveza

Antony Pavlenko provided a very clear and concise answer to my question (see
below) that gave me the information that I needed.


> If you use ssd it means you have either Solaris 9 or Solaris 10.
> In both cases you don't need to reboot host at all.
> If you will change wwn's for all paths at one moment you must umount
> file systems and deport veritas DG.
> After this ou can change wwn's of storage. If you also have SAN you
> ought to change zone's at SAN switches. After this you can do luxadm -e
> forclip /path_to_controller for all controllers and cfgadm -o
> show_FCP_dev will show all your disks. If not than try
> cfgadm -c configure <your_controller>
> After this you can import veritas DG and mount FS back.
> That's all.

Original Question:

> I have taken over 4 "Solaris 9 9/05 SPARC" boxes that connect to our Netapp
> SAN via Fiber Channel. All of the boxes use Sun's built-in driver (ssd), no
> emulex drivers are installed. The boxes also use Veritas VxVM 4.1 for SAN
> disks and vxdmp for their multipathing.
> I will be having to make some config changes on the Netapp SAN that will
> change the Netapps WWNN's and WWPN's. I am not sure how Solaris 9 will
> handle this. Will a reconfiguration reboot be enough for Solaris to detect
> the new WWPN's and veritas to be able to find the disks again?
> Currently when I create a new lun on the filers and map it to a Solaris box
> it shows up automagically and I just have to initialize the drive with
> veritas, etc... I've been trying to find some good docs on how Solaris will
> deal with this WWPN/WWNN change and all the docs assume that you are using
> the (sd) driver, which from what I've gathered requires you to edit the sd
> file everytime you assign a new lun, which I don't have to do at all.
> If anyone has any links to docs or could explain to me the process that
> will need to happen on the Solaris hosts for this type of reconfiguration to
> successfully take place it would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,

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