SUMMARY: Net install using tagged vlans

Date: Thu Feb 05 2009 - 15:21:32 EST
Hassan Ahmed nailed the head on the hit. He suggested setting native vlan in
the LAN switch. System installs over network just fine.

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Subject: Net install using tagged vlans

One of my cohorts whilst btestingb on a T5220 had the network group set
the primary interface for vlan tagging (also called trunking in Cisco terms),
with e1000103000. Now that the btestingb is complete Ibm trying to
reload the system via the network.  The mac for the primary (e1000g0) is in
the boot serverbs /etc/ethers. When I run bboot net - installb or
bboot net bsb the system keeps trying to request the net address.
Snooping (IP, host name, and MAC) on the boot server shows that the request
not being received. Before my buddy made the network changes I had previously
loaded the system via the net with no problems. Is there something special
about booting in a btaggedb (trunked) network?

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