SUMMARY: Confusing/Unclear Patchadd Error Message?

From: Jim Seymour <>
Date: Fri Jan 30 2009 - 09:13:43 EST
Apologies for the tardy summary.

The original question was what does patchadd mean when it tells you,
in effect, "the thing you're trying to install isn't installed yet?"

    Patch: 113886-48 - 5 of 28 - 91981K
    Synopsis: OpenGL 1.3: OpenGL Patch for Solaris (32-bit)

    Checking installed patches...
    One or more patch packages included in
    113886-48 are not installed on this system.

In this case patchadd was telling me that one or more of the patch
packages in the patch package I was trying to apply weren't installed
yet.  Well *duh*, that would be why I'm trying to install the patch

Casper Dik answered first:
| The error message is wrong (it's not just confusing).
| What to means to say is this:
| 	NONE of the packages we try to patch are installed

Which makes a heckuva lot more sense.  Thanks, Casper.  Thanks also to
Tim Bradshaw and Anthony D'Atri for replying.

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