SUMMARY: Solaris Printing Software

From: Vera Montaro <>
Date: Mon Jan 19 2009 - 19:32:09 EST
Thanks for your help on this issue. I did not have any recommendations for
the commercial product. Most of you recommended not to drop CUPS. Some of
you suggested the following packages to work with HP printers:



HP discontinued these packages but you can use them anyway. I found this
link to download these packages:

I am wondering what are the differences between these three packages? ( I
guess I have to google more about these packages). I am not sure if these
packages work with CUPS. If anyone knows how to setup these packages with
CUPS, please help me. I will try on my test machine and post a follow-up
summary later. Thanks.


> On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 10:39 PM, Vera Montaro <>wrote:
>> We just migrated all production servers from HP-UX to SUN Solaris 10v5.
>> Things are good except production printing. We have about 125 network
>> printers in eight location within the city. To accommodate the complicated
>> printing environment we decided to go with CUPS printing to resolve some
>> of
>> the -o options printing that migrated from hp-ux. The problem is some of
>> our
>> laser printers either too old or ppd drivers don't work at all. I have
>> searched and found the correct ppd drivers for the printer models but most
>> of ppd drivers don't work even the correct model ppd files.
>> I am tired of managing CUPS that none of us has any expertise. My boss is
>> willing to spend money to have a commercial print management software for
>> solaris with full support. Do you know of any? Please share with me.
>> Thanks.
>> Vera
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