SUMMARY: jumpstart on NFS issue

From: Gold, Evan <>
Date: Sun Jan 18 2009 - 08:14:14 EST
I would like to that everyone that helped me.
This list is great and I was amazed at the fast responses to my issue.

I got a few suggestions.

-          One was to modify /etc/bootparams by hand to relect my NAS share.

-          The other was to modify the add_install_client script to not
exit/fail upon checking for a NFS mount from my NAS. I just commented out the
lines in the script.

-          Upgrade to the latest version of solaris 10 for a jumpstart server,
that might support NFS mounts for the /jumpstart share.

I chose to modify add_install_client and that worked great. I liked that
better since it created all the /tftpboot items automatically for me.

Thanks again!

From: Gold, Evan
Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2009 2:01 PM
To: ''
Subject: jumpstart on NFS issue

Hi everyone,
I have a jumpstart that I have been using for a long time on local disks.
I recently moved my entire /jumpstart folder to an nfs mount from a NAS
I changed my sysidcfg, profile, etc to use that share instead of my old local
But now it seems I cannot run add_install_client, I keep getting this error.
Can you please tell me how to fix this?
It is a plain jumpstart setup, nothing fancy, just solaris 9 jumpstart and all
the files have been moved to a remote nfs mount that is able to be mounted by
all my servers.
My solaris server is named "solaris9" and my NAS devce which shares /jumpstart
is named "NASSERVER".


./add_install_client -c NASSERVER:/vol/jumpstart -p
NASSERVER:/vol/jumpstart/Sysidcfg/Solaris9 clientmachine sun4u

add_install_client: "NASSERVER:/vol/jumpstart" is not a local mount of
           cannot export "NASSERVER:/vol/jumpstart" for install clients

I also tried this command but got the same error:

./add_install_client -s NASSERVER:/vol/jumpstart clientmachine sun4u

Evan Gold
Financial Security Assurance
31 West 52nd Street
New York, New York 10019

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