Summary: Data Access Error in 280R

From: Andreas Höschler <>
Date: Fri Dec 28 2007 - 14:13:12 EST
Dear managers,

Thanks for all your responses!

> I just installed a X6541A (Dual Wide SCSI Controller) in a SF 280R (no
> SCSI-cables attached yet since I have non so far). When I now boot the
> machine I get
> Sun Fire 280R (2 X UltraSPARC-III+) , No Keyboard
> Copyright 1998-2002 Sun Microsystems, Inc.  All rights reserved.
> OpenBoot 4.5, 4096 MB memory installed, Serial #53447988.
> Ethernet address 0:3:ba:2f:8d:34, Host ID: 832f8d34.
> Data Access Error
> ok
> I tried to boot from the cdrom. This gets me:
> {0} ok boot cdrom
> Boot device: /pci@8,700000/scsi@6/disk@6,0:f  File and args:
> Data Access Error
> Any idea what that means?

I forgot to mention that I also installed 2GB additional RAM. After 
removing the SCSI card the problem still occured. I removed the 
additional RAM, the problem was gone. I reinstalled the additional RAM, 
the problem still did not occur again. I reinstalled the SCSI-card and 
all seems fine now. May be one of the memory cards did not have enough 
electrical contact to the motherboard.

The installation is running now. The weird and a bit annoying part 
(though no problem in my special case) is that after installing the 
SCSI-Adaptor the device paths have changed. Normally the two firewire 
disks in a SF 280R are


Now the installation routines shows these disks at


As mentioned that's no problem in my case since I am reinstalling the 
os anyway, but doesn't that mean that installing a SCSI-card in a 
system breaks an existing os installation? I assume disksuite prefers 
cXt0d0 for the mirrored disks not to change!?

Thanks a lot!


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