SUMMARY: Method for monitoring metastat over multiple machines

From: D G Teed <>
Date: Thu Dec 20 2007 - 11:01:48 EST
Thanks for the responses I received on this question/suggestion.

First of all, I want to shoot down the concept of using expect
with ssh - I had used this as a quick and dirty way to check
the date command over multiple systems after the DST changes
earlier in the year, and started doing metastat checks
from my desktop with a similar method.  We normally
never do that.  ssh public keys are the way to go for
any scripted commands from the ssh family.

Someone emailed me a copy of metacheck - a script
name I find both on open source and from Sun, although
the one I was emailed was from Sun.  It seems the best.

The solution I was looking for is documented
at Sun.  Here one can find information on using mdmonitord
for Solaris 10.  The Sun resource also lists a copy of the
Sun metacheck script which can be set up nicely to
email from each host doing the check if Solaris is 9 and under.

Some people suggested SNMP for monitoring, and that is
mentioned at this Sun Volume Manager Admin Guide as well:

I will ditch the ssh + remote command concept and implement
Sun's metacheck on older Solaris boxes as this is the most thorough solution.
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