SUMMARY: boot problems (was disabling NIS)

From: Michael Hale <>
Date: Wed Dec 19 2007 - 15:15:26 EST
This summary deals more with the hanging system we were experiencing  
both trying to get to single user mode and in multi-user mode.   The  
symptoms were that in multiuser boot, the machine would hang after  

NIS domain name is:

We were able to determine that svc:/network/initial:default was the  
service that was hanging by booting with  -m verbose.  Once we  
determined that was the service that was hanging up, we were able to  
boot by issuing a -m milestone=none and then issued a svcadm disable  
svc:/network/initial:default after which time the box started booting  

We'll still not sure why the machine was insisting on displaying:

nis hostname is

at boot  because we used svcadm to disable all NIS related services  
with the following commands:

svcadm disable svc:/network/nis/server:default
svcadm disable svc:/network/nis/passwd:default
svcadm disable svc:/network/nis/update:default
svcadm disable svc:/network/nis/xfr:default
svcadm disable svc:/network/nis/client:default
svcadm disable svc:/network/rpc/nisplus:default

Michael Hale
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