SUMMARY: X4500 e-mail alerts

From: Chris Banal <>
Date: Tue Dec 18 2007 - 18:09:29 EST
Sun Managers,

I received 3 e-mails asking for a summary because they had similar 
issues. One e-mail from Bryan Allen with a perl daemon that checks the 
fault manager periodically for errors.

I was hoping Sun had some sort of Diagnostic Reporter similar to the 
3000 arrays. After the lack of responses from Sunmanagers mailing list I 
opened up a case with Sun and was told no such tool exists.

Hopefully Sun will provide something in the future but at the moment it 
looks like you have to write your own / use a 3rd party script to 
periodically check the fault manager or zfs status.

Thank you,
Chris Banal
Rhythm & Hues Studios

Chris Banal wrote:
> Sun Managers,
> Does anyone know of a simple way to get e-mail alerts of disk failures 
> in a Sun X4500 (Thumper)? Does ZFS provide some sort of facility to do 
> this? I'd prefer not to run a cron job that is checking the disks every 
> few minutes.
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