SUMMARY: solaris reboot

From: rumbidzayi gadhula <>
Date: Thu Dec 13 2007 - 06:18:25 EST
Thank you to all who responded. Your contributions  were very insightful and helpful.

I cannot even explain the weekly reboot and have even indicated to my boss that it is not really necessary to do the weekly reboot but they are used to the weekly reboot (this is a new environment before-operations wise) and seem to want to stick to it. I am however looking into other people's opinions, experiences in similar environments so that I can make recommendations with practical experience (yours) backing rather than on what I know only.

This is a  very helpful forum for sharing experiences,  knowledge and getting  help. 
 Hike, there is no need to be mean.
My email was asking for your own personal experiences not the sun recommendations. That is why i asked what kind of environment you are in.

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