SUMMARY: Flash installs for Proliants

From: joe fletcher <>
Date: Wed Dec 12 2007 - 07:08:08 EST
Fixed it. It turned out to be a confusion with the network card specification
in one of the config files, which meant that the boot was looking for a bge
card instead of a bnx. In essence I had an invalid sysidcfg file.

The two most useful links I used in the process were thus:

The compaq doc is good for miniroot prep and additional driver installs (bnx
and cpqary3 being the most important).




From: on behalf of joe fletcher
Sent: Tue 11/12/2007 12:12
Subject: Flash installs for Proliants:Update


In typical fashion, 5 mins after I sent this I had a breakthrough and found
obscure typo in menu.1st.XXXXXX for the client. Now however, I seem to be
tripping over on bootenv.rc. The last attempt appears to have ended up in a
network boot but with no install actions taking place.

Anyone got a sample bootenv.rc?


--------------------- originally -------------------------------------------

Has anyone got a crib sheet for building a jumpstart for Proliants running
Sol10_x86 please?
I've been working at this for a week and I can't get past the thing ending up
in interactive installs.

I'm probably missing something trivial but I can't see what.

Any and all assistance accepted.


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