[SUMMARY] Metaset problem

From: ALLEN, David <David.ALLEN_at_eur.crowncork.com>
Date: Tue Dec 04 2007 - 08:26:53 EST
Thanks for all your help, esp. George.

This problem looks to be a sun bug.

If you have Sunsolve access please have a look for the following;
Document ID:    6245274
Title:    SVM: Adding new host to an existing diskset fails with
"metaset: <host>: No such file or directory"

There is a patch (apparently) to fix the problem, but is our case, this
will have to be done at the weekend so I don't know if it works.


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> From: 	ALLEN, David
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> Subject:	Metaset problem
> Hi,
> We have a serious problem with one of our production servers. The
> server in question is the owner number of metasets, and needed a
> complete rebuild which involved trashing the metadatabases and
> rebuilding the root disk. Before the machine was rebuild, the
> ownership of the sets were transferred to the second server and are
> working fine.
> We have now rebuilt the original server using the original image,
> which worked OK. The metadb's have been recreated on the original
> server, the md.tab created correctly and I wish to add  the host back
> into the disk set. Therefore from the machine with the sets I type the
> following:
> Metaset -s <setname> -a -h <originalhostname>
> However, I get
> metaset: <setname>: No such file or directory
> and typing metaset on originalhostname returns nothing. Metaset on the
> machine with the sets does not show anything about the new machine.
> Any suggestion anyone?
> Thanks in advance.
> David

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