SUMMARY: Solaris NIC Network Issue

From: Stephanie C <>
Date: Thu Nov 22 2007 - 00:12:41 EST
Ok, It turned out the IP/Gateway/Netmask I was using is not working on
the solaris 10 x86. The odd thing was when configured this same
IP/Gateway/Netmask on Windows, it is working fine. He convinced me
that it is not IP problem. I forced the network guy provided me
another IP with different Vlan and I am happy camper now. Thanks for
your help.


Original question:

Hi again! The same server (HP DL360 - Solaris 10 x86) is giving me one
after another problem. I resolved the disk drive and NIC card by
installing HP drivers. The server installed Solaris 10 x86 with
Network configured fine. The server is up and running except that this
server is not accessible.  Only the direct console access at this
time. The NIC device is 'bnx0' that shows configured with IP address
and UP. I have checked all network configuration files that I could
think of: hosts, hostname.bnx0,  nsswitch.conf, resolv.conf,
defautdomain, defaultrouter, ipdodes, networks, netmasks All seems to
be fine with the IP and hostname correctly configured.  All the
networks services are online. 'bnx0' is plumbed and up.

Someone please tell me what am I missing here to make this server networked.

The only odd thing that if I configure 'bnx0' with DHCP instead of
configuring the static IP than the server is accessible fine from in
and out from DHCP IP address.

Thanks for your help!

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