SUMMARY: Refuse to boot

From: Stephanie C <>
Date: Tue Nov 20 2007 - 13:47:31 EST
It turned out that the server (HP DL360) did not see the internal disk
when trying to boot. I googled and found out that HP DL360 needs a
third generation array controller driver 'QPQary3' in able to
reboot/install solaris 10 x86 on the server. I downloaded 'QPQary3'
from HP site. The only 2 options to install this driver: OS install
and select option 5 for driver installation; or install from root.
Since this server is bootable, I decided to do a fresh OS install of
Solaris 10 dated 6/06 DVD with HP array driver. The OS installed and
is up fine except it does not see the NIC card. During OS
installation, it never asked for IP address.

ifconfig -a : shows only lo0;  does not see ethernet card
dladm show-link: nothing return
sys-unconfig: server does not ask for IP when setup

How do I make this server recognize the NIC card.



I would like to verify this issue.
- The console screen turn blank screen during reboot. Console screen
does not respond.
- No error shows on the console screen.
- Can not access the server from console or remote.
- If 'failsafe' mode seleted, server reboot and get the # prompt.

Here are the recommendations from the list what to do from the # prompt:
- Check the error logs and messages.
- Restart all the services manually (svcadm)

I will try and let you know.

Any recommendations? Thanks.


Original message:

I am having a problem with re-booting the Dell DL380 Solaris 10 x86
after applying the latest patches via updatemanager. After all patches
were installed, the server would not re-boot. Since using the
updatemanager and selected all updates available, I do not know what
updates I installed on the system. I even power off/on few times.
Everytimes, in the middle of booting the console screen turned blank
and stay that way forever. During the re-boot if I select 'failsafe'
mode, I get the '#' prompt. I tried to reboot from the prompt, but the
server is acting the same blank screen. I don't know what is wrong and
how to get the server to completely boot up. Any help is appreciated.
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