SUMMARY: V440 ce0 interface no link issue

From: Karl Fosburg <>
Date: Tue Nov 20 2007 - 11:48:15 EST
Thanks for all the suggestions regarding this issue.

I have not been 100% able to verify that this problem is fixed due to 
the fact that the servers that always experience it are in production 
and we don't have a scheduled maintenance window that I can test with 
until 2008. However, on the systems I did test with that are not yet in 
production, the suggestions work fine.

If anything changes due to later testing, I will repost the summary.


1. Use a /platform/sun4u/kernel/drv/ce.conf file instead of ndd to set 
up the interface
2. There is also the potential for an openboot firmware issue, but I 
have not investigated that yet
3. Don't mix auto/auto with hard wired (not applicable here, but good 
advice all the same!)

Thanks to:

and George



Karl Fosburg wrote:
> Hi,
> I have had an issue with V440 servers for several years now regarding 
> bringing up the ce0 interface upon boot. Upon boot, the ce0 interface 
> never successfully comes up linked to its switch. We always hardwire the 
> interfaces to 100/Full duplex - same as the switch ports. The only fix 
> that ever works is physically unplugging the cat5 cable and re-inserting 
> it - then the link comes up right away. Also, we can down the switch 
> port and re-up it and it will come up.
> Down/Up'ing the interface using ifconfig does not work. 
> Unplumbing/plumbing it does not work.
> Applies to Solaris 8, 9, and 10 and only on V440's. Same ndd 
> configuration on other types of servers (v480/490/240) works fine.
> Anyone else seen this behavior and/or a fix?
> Thanks,
> Karl
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