Summary Solaris 10 8_07 iso download disk2

From: Ian Topham <>
Date: Tue Nov 20 2007 - 04:40:22 EST
	Thanks to those of you who replied (hike & Eric Deblon).
The problem appears to lie with the Perle CS9000 that we are using for
console access.
It is sending 2 carriage returns, so when the first prompt arrives, the
first <CR> answers the prompt, the second <CR> which arrives almost
immediately answers the next prompt, skips the newly inserted cd and
ejects it.
We're now sending a CTRL-M instead and trying to mend the CS9000 as
Another alternative would be to insert the cd between the 2 <CR>'s, but
we're not quite that quick!;o}

Thanks - Ian

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Subject: RE: Solaris 10 8_07 iso download disk2

	Further to my earlier post, I have downloaded the iso image
multiple times and burned the image to more than one cd, in case there
was any corruption in either the download or burn processes. Still
getting the same problem!
	I've also installed the earlier version (6_06) successfully
since I had this issue, which hopefully rules out the cd-rom as well.
The hardware is an e450, 3GB RAM, 3 x 400MHZ CPU.

Thanks - Ian

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Subject: Solaris 10 8_07 iso download disk2

Hi gurus
    Has anyone had any problems with the Solaris 10 8_07 download disk 2
iso image?
I've downloaded the 5 iso images from the Sun site and burned them to
cd, booted from cd 1 and gone for the 'complete + oem support' option.
When it asks for disk 2, I've inserted it and pressed enter as
requested, but the system fails to read it, ejects the cd and prompts
for disk2 again.
The cd looks fine when viewed on another system, and the label appears
to be ok.
The reason for the installation at this level is that we have been
trying to build a container and zfs, but there appears to be something
missing in the earlier release we have (6_06) which we require.

Thanks - Ian

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