[SUMMARY] SunCluster File System Performance (UFS/PxFS)

From: Martin Pre▀laber <presslaber_at_ips.at>
Date: Mon Nov 05 2007 - 06:40:36 EST

not many responses came on that question, but thanks to all that

special thanks to Brian Keith from Sun who forwarded my question directly
to Ellard Roush,
here's the answerer from Ellard, thank you Ellard ;)

I saw your query on SunManagers; I contacted Ellard Roush here at Sun for
you and here's his response to your query:

Parallel data bases, such as RAC, can benefit from more interconnect
bandwidth in some cases.

We do not run data bases on top of pxfs. For general purpose file system
work loads running on pxfs there is NO benefit to adding additional
interconnects. The limiting factor is CPU processing power. The
interconnect is not heavily stressed. I have not measured this recently.
But this has been true for many years.

Spend your money on more CPUs/memory.

best regards
- martin

i've read threw some articles about the Cluster FS Performance and how to
increase it, but still i am missing one simple answerer...

Does it help to increase the numbers of interconnects?

i found in the blueprint from Ellard Roush, 817-1593 "Cluster File System
Performance", that the client side cache has to make round trips across
the interconnect, PxFS checkpoints cross the interconnect and the
acknowledgements go threw... I found in an interconnect description that
data is striped across all available interconnects in a round-robin
fashion. So looking to the prices of gigabit copper ethernet cards
nowadays, it's no matter about money to increase the number of
interconnects like mr. roush mentioned in his blueprint in 2003... i
found a hint in my cluster-course training book "you can have more than
two that would be a performance benefit in certain circumstances ( <--
??? ), because global data access traffic is striped across all of the
so well, easy question, but i couldn't find any answerers.. does it
actually help to increase the throughput by adding additionally
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