SUMMARY: picld on v880 solaris9 machine-> ~weekly reboots ...

From: Tim Chipman <>
Date: Thu Oct 18 2007 - 19:43:11 EDT
Many thanks to Peter van Gemert, Francisco Roque and Joe Fletcher for
their comments. Suggestions included,

-could be straight hardware issue (faulty sensor, bad solder joint or suchlike)
-V880 is rather a "patch happy" machine, so make sure
platform-specific patches and OBP
 are up-to-date
-consider running a full OBP level system diagnostic to see if
anything  is flagged faulty there
-setup more (cronned) self-monitoring to capture regularly what
temp.status of system components are; observe if any correlation
when/if there are future "weird temp reboot" incidents. Possibly the
-50 is  a buffer overflow from a real overtemp condition?

In particular, I note that the machine hasn't had OBP patched since it
was deployed.
(OBP firmware on the system is date-stamped 2004, and the latest from
sun is 2007)

Just got downtime scheduled early today, flashed up the OBP and  so
far, so good.  I've also setup  crontabs to capture relevant snippets
from "prtdiag -v" at regular time intervals.

Given the sporatic nature of the crashing, I suspect I won't know much
for at least a week.  If things remain horrid or there are significant
updates, I will post a second (brief) summary later.

Many thanks for the suggestions; greatly appreciated.

Tim Chipman

REF: OBP Version Change:
(ie, during the update from old to new...)

Current System Flash PROM Revision:
OBP 4.13.0 2004/01/19 18:26

Available System Flash PROM Revision:
OBP 4.22.34 2007/07/23 13:01
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