SUMMARY: 280R server can't see SE3511 disk array with format

From: Glenn Carver <>
Date: Tue Oct 16 2007 - 05:35:51 EDT
I had no replies from the list on this one.  With assistance from Sun we
eventually tracked down that the problem was in the use of the Emulex FC card
which is not supported on Solaris in a direct connection configuration. The
Emulex card is only supported for use in a SAN.  The solution was to purchase
the Qlogic HBA FC card.


On 2007.09.23 12:57, Glenn Carver wrote:
Dear all,

I've been struggling for a couple of days to try to get a SunFire
280R, Solaris 9, to work with a Sun StorEdge 3511 disk array. I'm out
of ideas and would appreciate some pointers.

The 280R has been updated with latest patches. I have downloaded and
installed the SAN 4.4 packages from (bottom of page) and
installed the relevant patches as described in the documentation. I
should add that the SE3511 is directly attached via fibre.

A reboot -r followed by a probe-scsi-all shows me that the hardware
connection seems to be ok:

Target none  ALPA a3  WWPN 226000c0ffb925f8
   LUN  0     Disk
.. output trimmed...
   LUN  1f     Disk
Target none  ALPA a5  WWPN 226000c0ffa925f8
   LUN  0     Disk     SUN     StorEdge 3511   413C
   LUN  1     Disk     SUN     StorEdge 3511   413C
   LUN  2     Disk     SUN     StorEdge 3511   413C

In particular the 280R can see the 3 LUNs I've set up on the host
channel on the 3511. So it all looks good so far.. except that
probe-scsi-all reports 'Target none'.

Problem is when the system boots, 'format' doesn't see the LUNs. So I
figured this points to an issue with the device drivers. However, if
I do: "luxadm fcode_download -p" the only device that shows up is:

   Found Path to 1 FC100/P, ISP2200, ISP23xx Devices
   Opening Device: /devices/pci@8,600000/SUNW,qlc@4/fp@0,0:devctl
   Detected FCode Version:       ISP2200 FC-AL Host Adapter Driver:
1.12 01/01/16

.. and this is attached to a A1000 disk array. The SUNW,emlxs device
that probe-scsi-all found the SE3511 on doesn't show up.  I don't
understand how probe-scsi can detect the SE3511 but the HBA it's
attached to doesn't show up for me to try updating firmware?

I've read through various manuals and searched the lists for clues
but I'm getting nowhere. If someone can suggest a way forward that
would be very helpful. I will of course summarise.

Thanks in advance,
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