SUMMARY: migrating from lpfc to sfs on solaris 9

From: Ayaz Anjum <>
Date: Tue Oct 09 2007 - 04:05:45 EDT
thanks to Torsten and aams for there feedback.

My question was

HI Guys

I was running a test environment in order to formulate a procedure to 
carry out ' migration of san disks from lpfc to sfs drivers on solaris 9'

I am using a LP 9802 hba

On a fresh installation of solaris 9 (09/04) i installed lpfc drivers and
then configured SAN disks. I then did a pkgrm on lpfc and added san 
foundation suite ( SFS drivers)

I am not able to see the hba now with luxadm -e port command

I could see two instances of emulex cards in /etc/path_to_inst
"/pci@1e,600000/fibre-channel@2" 0 "lpfc" 
"/pci@1e,600000/fibre-channel@3" 1 "lpfc"

I removed them and did a reconfiguration boot but still not luck.

I have installed emladm utility, but its not detecting the cards.

If i use emlxdrv >   set_emlxs_all 

i get following
ERROR: emlxs driver is not installed.

I have tried to look for emlxs and concluded its only available for
solaris 10.

The following is the procedure to be followed:

-upgrade the firmware on lpfc card to latest
- remove HBAnyware (may be installed) 
- remove lpfc drivers 
- add SFS packages and patches ( download from 
'SAN_4.4.13_install_it.tar' which has package and patches)

- install EMLXemlxu (emladm utility) and switch drivers ( this may be 
required , however i did not used it)

Note: in my particular case i was first not seeing the card thru luxadm -e 
port command. the reason for this was that i was missing SUNWemlx 
Using the SFS from resolved this issue


Ayaz Anjum 
Systems Engineer , ITT/E6
Information Technology Department 
Qatar Petroleum 
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Tel +974 4405280 Cell +974 5862144 


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