problems with /etc/netmask on Solaris 8 system - SUMMARY

From: Steve Howie <>
Date: Fri Oct 05 2007 - 09:18:08 EDT

Thanks to everyone who responded to my question regarding the 
/etc/netmasks file.

Most responses focussed on the fact that I had specified the base 
address of the physical subnet rather than the VLAN my machine is 
sitting on. So to this end, I'm going to test this change (the week 
after next unfortunately), and report back to the list on success/failure.

i.e. Change /etc/netmasks from


Thanks to everyone


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Subject: Problems with /etc/netmasks on Solaris 8 system


I'm having a problem with setting the correct values in /etc/netmasks on

a Solaris 8 system. We are moving it from a non-segmented subnet
( to an IP address ( in a VLAN on the subnet with a subnet mask of

Old netmasks file

New netmasks file

The subnet mask is correct for the VLAN.

When I reboot the system after moving the ethernet cable to the new
subnet, I find the following settings for the interface using ifconfig:

IP address:   (correct)

Netmask:	(not correct, should be

Broadcast:	(not correct, should be

I manually corrected the problem by issuing the following command for
the interface eri0 after the system was rebooted

	ifconfig eri0 netmask + broadcast +

This works, but I need these values set correctly when the system boots

Any ideas?  Is my syntax incorrect in the new /etc/netmasks file?

Thanks - will summarise to the list.

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