SUMMARY: SunFire x2200 M2 and VMware

From: Michael Fernando <>
Date: Tue Oct 02 2007 - 08:53:15 EDT
Original Question:

This is a VMware on Sun hardware question.  Hope it isn't OT.

I'm trying to install VMware ESX 3.0.2 on a SunFire x2200 M2.  This sun
doc says that
"The Sun Fire X2200 M2 now supports the VMWare ESX Server 3.0.2
operating system. The OS requires BIOS v3B17, which is available on the
Tool and Drivers CD v1.5. You can only install VMWare on systems with
the SAS option."

Now, SF x2200 comes with SATA drives.  So, what is this "SAS option"
here?  Has anyone been able to install ESX on an SF x2200 ?  Is there a
BIOS option to make the drives emulate SAS disks?  Yes, I have upgraded
the BIOS to version 3B17 but I still can't make the ESX 3.0.2 install CD
see any disks.


I received two replies.  Thanks go to:

  Sandor W. Sklar (at Sanford edu)
  John Malick     (at Star Systems Eng.)


Even though Sun Fire x2200 M2 comes with SATA drives ('s "Buy"
lists only SATA options) one can purchase SAS disks, a PCI card and
cables.  The full component list
shows PCI-E SAS HBAs (two options), SAS drives (146G, 300G) and SAS Hard
Disk Drive Cable Kit.  (Search for the word SAS in the above URL)

Many thanks to Sandor Sklar for pointing this out.

As for VMware, I have a service call open with VMware tech support to
find out exactly what configuration is supported.  I have not heard back
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