SUMMARY ssh/ftp Solaris Slowness

From: Stephanie C <>
Date: Fri Sep 28 2007 - 20:20:12 EDT
Thank you very much for all the helps I got from all of you. The problem was
this IP subnet was not in the DNS record. I asked the DNS gentlement to add
this IP subnet into DNS and everything is working. Thanks again.

Stephanie C wrote:
> Hi List,
> Issue: With some reasons the ssh and ftp are very slow to connect to my
> solaris 10 (Sun 280R) server form some of network VLAN. If user tries to
> connect ssh to this server from 216.64.x.x IP address, it takes forever to
> connect. Connetion from other IP addresses are very fast. Fingers pointing
> here, Server Admin <---> Network. I say it is network's problem, network
> says server's problem. Do you have any idea where to look on my server for
> this issue. Thanks for your help.
> Stephanie
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