SUMMARY: Obviating the NFS4 domain question at first / jumpstart boot

From: Anthony D'Atri <>
Date: Thu Sep 27 2007 - 16:27:59 EDT
My question:

> It used to be that one could forestall the
>          Do you need to override the system's default NFS version 4
> domain
>          name (yes/no) ? [no] :
> prompt at first boot after jumpstarting a host by touching /a/
> etc/.NFS4inst_state.domain in the finish script.  I've found that
> lately (ie., Solaris 10u3 x86) this doesn't seem to work.  I've found
> a claim that this check has moved into the sysconfig framework and
> that setting nfs4_domain=dynamic in the sysidcfg file (Sysids/e1000g0/
> sysidcfg) will now accomplish this, but find that this doesn't work
> for me either.  The server has a recent recommended patch bundle, and
> the jumpstart package tree is right off the u3 media.
> Any thoughts on how to recover this functionality?  It would be great
> to once more have jumps run to completion without intervention.

The winning answer, which works like a charm on my u3 systems:

From: "Michelle Bradshaw"

In addition to touching /etc/.NFS4inst_state.domain, you'll want to also
have /etc/.sysidconfig.apps and /etc/.sysIDtool.state:

# cat etc/.sysidconfig.apps
# cat etc/.sysIDtool.state
1       # System previously configured?
1       # Bootparams succeeded?
1       # System is on a network?
1       # Extended network information gathered?
1       # Autobinder succeeded?
1       # Network has subnets?
1       # root password prompted for?
1       # locale and term prompted for?
1       # security policy in place
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