[SUMMARY] replacing the telnet daemon on Solaris

From: Jerry Kemp <sun.mail.list_at_oryx.cc>
Date: Tue Sep 18 2007 - 16:17:58 EDT
I wanted to again say thank you to everyone who responded, and apologize 
  again for my poorly written question.

I think that originally, I was looking for a highly configurable telnet 
equivalent to proftpd or something similar, but several people have 
convinced me that a PAM module is the way to go.

It looks like these PAM modules will meet my needs, specifically the 
PAM_remote_hosts module.



again,  thank you to everyone who replied and offered suggestions.

Jerry K

Jerry K wrote:
> My company is doing a mass removal of telnet services corporate wide, to 
> be replaced by SSH.  And this is a good thing.
> We will have a handful of servers, that due to application issues or 
> vendor support issues, will need to retain telnet daemon services and 
> will need to be locked down by user id, as to whether they can login to 
> a server or not.  These systems are all Sparc based running Solaris 8.
> Initially, it was suggested to me that xinetd might be able to lock down 
> telnet, and it can, just not by user id.
> I have done all of the standard searches, i.e. yahoo, Sun BigAdmin, 
> freshmeat.net, sourceforge, etc.  I have not come across anything that 
> can lock down telnet services by user id.
> Is anyone else doing something like this?  I would appreciate it if you 
> can share what you did, or what telnet daemon you used to resolve your 
> issue.
> As always, I will summarize.
> Jerry K
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