SUMMARY: Sun T2000 and Dell PowerVault 220S

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Date: Mon Sep 17 2007 - 10:08:44 EDT
	Thanks to Peter Winterflood and Anthony D'Atri !

	The LSI Logic LSI20320-S should work with any SCSI devices which keep the standars.

	The original question was:

	Hi Managers,

	I have a Sun T2000 server which lacks disk space. We also have unused DELL PowerVault 220S external disk array appliance.

	I have an idea to connect the T2000 to the PowerVault 220S in order to solve the disk space problem.

	I searched the net and found, Sun offers U320 SCSI HBA (part #SGXPCI1SCSILM320-Z), which possibly will do the trick ... This HBA is branded LSI Logic LSI20320-S PCI/PCI-X, which is the OEM version of LSI20320.

	Could someone point me whether i can really use the upper SCSI U320 HBA to connect the T2000 to the PowerVault 220s ?

	Any help is appreciated!

	Thanks in advance!

	Vladimir Terziev, CISSP
	Systems & Security Administrator

	GB Services Ltd.
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