SUMMARY: jumpstart questions: ipv6 and additional files

From: <Darren.Reed_at_Sun.COM>
Date: Wed Sep 12 2007 - 16:34:50 EDT
The question I was getting at was if there was another
way besides using the finish script - it appears the answer
to that is 'no'.

The suggestions were to use the finish script to either
- copy each file over seperately or
- copy over a directory tree
via NFS.  I may look at using pax here instead of cp or
even tar (cp's semantics don't impress me a whole lot.)

Thanks to those who responded .

Darren.Reed@Sun.COM wrote:

>I've got a working jumpstart configuration in place but
>now I want to push it a little bit further...
>Has anyone explored using jumpstart to specify additional
>IPv6 addresses for network  interfaces?
>Or even doing the same for IPv4?
>And what about shipping extra files (such as ssh's known_hosts),
>is there an easy way to do this without jumping in bed with JET/JASS?
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