SUMMARY: zfs filesystem

From: Clift, Tom CTR NSWCDL K55 <>
Date: Fri Aug 31 2007 - 11:32:26 EDT
As usual thanks for the fast response. Too many folks to list but you know who
you are.

If no other zfs filesystems are needed I can use the zpool as my only
filesystem. However, I can also mount local/local1 to /any_mount_point using
the following command.

zfs set mountpoint=/any_mount_point local/local1

Thanks again crew!

Original question:

On 8/31/07, Clift, Tom CTR NSWCDL K55 <> wrote:
> All, if I only want a single zfs filesystem can I just use the zpool?
> I created a pool like:
> #zpool create local c1t0d0 c1t1d0 c1t2d0
> and it is mounted as /local.
> Then I created a zfs filesystem:
> #zfs create local/local1
> But I don't want to use /local/local1 as my mount point. Can I use the
> zpool(/local) and get the same benefits?
> Thanks in advance,
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