SUMMARY: Cannot login to service processor after password change

From: Udo Grabowski <>
Date: Fri Aug 31 2007 - 04:50:08 EDT
Hello again,

thanks to Lawrence Sorrillo, who noted that a password change
to IPMI also changes the password of the SP and vice versa.
But since you need a valid password to use ipmitool (and a
working OS), I couldn't follow that path.
Checking the extended online documentation of the Blade
8000P again revealed a much simpler solution: The CMM
has a small hole with a hidden switch that resets the
SP password to factory default. Having access to the
CMM will let me reset the lost passwords of the blades.

Still I have no clue why the password change procedure
does not work, so there may be a firmware bug lurking
around, since that problem is reproducible. So be warned.
Original question:
after changing the password on a Blade 8000P service-processor,
I cannot login with the new password (Authentication failure)
anymore, neither via web page nor via ssh. The default password
is not working anymore, of course. The password has 7 letters
(Upper and lower case) and a % (percent) sign, the description
says that all letters except blank and colon are allowed.
It was typed in via an english keyboard (% over 5), with
UTF-8 as browser character encoding.
I tried also with 2 of the blade 8420 service processors,
the same problem. I'm absolutely sure the password is typed correctly,
no caps lock, no case problem. I changed the password via the ILOM web
management page. The CMM firmware is 1.1.5, Blade SP 1.1.12,
build 19265.
There has been no firmware update, all was started right out of
the delivered box and worked well until that point.

Now the big question: How do I ever get access to the CMM or the locked
blade service processors again ??? I've still 3 Blade SP processors
which I didn't change, is there a way to get to the CMM from there
(single signon was enabled on all components) ? We've not installed
any OS yet, and there's no factory OS installed, so no way to get
there via IPMI from Solaris.
Dr. Udo Grabowski                           email:
Institut f. Meteorologie und Klimaforschung ASF,Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe
Postfach 3640, 76021 Karlsruhe, Germany             Tel: (+49) 7247 82-6026            Fax:         "    -7026

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