Re: SUMMARY: Ftp error

From: Kiran Sharma <>
Date: Tue Aug 28 2007 - 12:33:21 EDT
Thanks to following individuals. Special thanks to Hal who pointed out for NIS database update.
      Hal Huntley, Matthew Stier, Edward Scown, jim, Matthew Stier, Douglas Palmer 
  I manually change the password for NIS user account who were not able to login and pushed the map. Basically followed the following commands
yppasswd <userID>
  go to /var/yp
  and make
  it took care the issue.
  Cheers !!!
  My original question was
Hi Managers,
  I have a new Solaris box win Solaris 9/05 release. Now users are
 complaninng that they can not ftp. I tried as root and I am able to login
 and ftp but not with normal user. I can not even login using telnet or
 ssh as a normal user. Some user can login some are not. I checked
 /etc/ftpd/ftpusers and users are not listed there. there is no allow or deny
 file in etc. 
  users are coming from NIS. I checked nsswitch.conf file and it is
 same as the working one. Couple you please suggest me for more.
  ypcat -k passwd | grep ksharma
  ksharma ksharma:mypassw:11109:91:Kiran
  C:\>ftp sunsolv1
Connected to sunsolv1
220 sunsolv1 FTP server ready.
User (sunsolv1:(none)): ksharma
331 Password required for ksharma
530 Login incorrect.
Login failed.
  # more ftpaccess
# ident "@(#)ftpaccess  1.1     01/06/26 SMI"
# FTP server configuration file, see ftpaccess(4).
  class           realusers       real            *
class           guestusers      guest           *
class           anonusers       anonymous       *
  loginfails      3
passwd-check    trivial         warn
private         no
keepalive       yes
shutdown        /etc/ftpd/shutdown.msg
  # email         user@hostname
# guestuser     username
# timeout       idle            300
  banner          /etc/ftpd/banner.msg
greeting        brief
message         /etc/ftpd/welcome.msg   login
message         .message                cwd=*
readme          README*                 login
readme          README*                 cwd=*
  chmod           no              anonymous
delete          no              anonymous
overwrite       no              anonymous
rename          no              anonymous
umask           no              anonymous
  compress        yes             realusers guestusers anonusers
tar             yes             realusers guestusers anonusers
  path-filter     guest,anonymous /etc/ftpd/filename.msg
  ^[[:alnum:]._-]*$ ^[.-]
  noretrieve      relative        class=anonusers         /
allow-retrieve  relative        class=anonusers         /pub
  upload          class=anonusers    *    *         no  nodirs
# upload        class=anonusers    *    /incoming yes ftpadm ftpadm
 0440 nodirs
  # log           commands        real,guest,anonymous
# log           security        real,guest,anonymous
# log           transfers       real,guest,anonymous  
  # limit-time    anonymous       30
# limit         anonusers       10      Wk0730-1800      
# limit         anonusers       50      SaSu|Any1800-0730

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