SUMMARY: Unable to ftp on solaris 9

From: Kiran Sharma <>
Date: Thu Aug 02 2007 - 14:59:32 EDT
Got responce from all of these gentle man and it finally worked.
Anthony D'Atri, William D. Hathaway, Raymond Lee, Brad Morrison, Sean Franklin
  I have to add entry in /etc/shells.
  Just adding it to shells didn't work. Its strange but i need to find out the PID of inetd and send hup to it
  ps -ef | grep inetd
  kill -HUP 127

Kiran Sharma <> wrote:
I have two solaris 9 9/05 boxes recently build. One of the user is unable to ftp to one of the boxes but he can login from that box to other boxes.

As a root I can login from either boxes as I commented out on /etc/ftpd/ftpusers. his account is not listed there on ftpusers. 

home directory is shared and all account are coming from NIS. so his profile is available on all servers. He can ftp to rest of the servers not that one but he can telnet and ssh on that box. 

Any suggestions would be helpful


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