Summary (ish): Strange Veritas issue - LUN magically reconfigured?

From: joe fletcher <>
Date: Thu Aug 02 2007 - 09:35:16 EDT
Bizarrely enough it appears to be something to do with Legato Networker. I
restarted another machine today and got some error messages (not captured
unfortunately) indicating attempts to adjust disk labels. The source of the
errors was listed as one of the Networker daemons.

Quite what's going on I haven't figured out yet but I have a place to start.
If I ever identify exactly what's going on I'll post a more complete and
informative summary.




From: on behalf of joe fletcher
Sent: Wed 01/08/2007 13:46
Subject: Strange Veritas issue - LUN magically reconfigured?

Here's one for the books.

Got a veritas disk group on a running server, everything happy. We make a
tuning change to /etc/system and reboot. When the machine restarts one of the
disks in the disk group fails.
On close inspection it appears to have been relabelled as a system disk
the reboot.
My disk group is now hosed. The DG is housed on a Clariion CX700. No errors
are shown at the array end but the v490 machine seems to have decided half
LUN paths are dead for no reason that I can see. Clariion thinks everything
fine and we haven't touch anything at that end.

Given that nothing changed on the array, no powerpath or Veritas changes were
made during the reboot and that everything was working fine beforehand, does
anyone have any idea at all how this could have happened?

Prior to reboot oradg01=c2t0d0s2. After reboot oradg01=failed, and c2t0d0
apparently has the contents of the operating system on it.

I've got the thing back so that it's decided to recognised all the LUNs once
more but the the apparently reformatted LUN has rather screwed things up.
tried replacing the dead oradg01 which was on c2t0d0 with the original device
but since all the data appears to have been wiped none of the associated
volumes can be started.

I'm thinking of just rebuilding the whole disk group but I'm interested  in
not seeing a repeat next time we reboot.

All and any suggestions gratefully received.


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