SUMMARY: Terminal question

From: Sebastien Roy <>
Date: Tue Jul 24 2007 - 09:32:27 EDT
 I just use a old PC with Windows and Hyperterminal using a serial
connection and everything is perfect!



Hi guys,

I'm very new to solaris, and we just buy 6 enterprise 420 servers.   But
I have a simple and easy question, can I use any dumb terminal to
configure the machine or I really need a SUN terminal?

And if I can use any terminal, what is the pinout I need to be able to
use it!?   I just try a IBM 3151 Terminal but I can't see anything on the
terminal!   And I think I need to do STOP-A to be able to boot from the
CD, but how to do a STOP-A from a non-SUN terminal ?



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