SUMMARY: Solaris 9 with Fiber channel PCI-X

From: <>
Date: Mon Jul 23 2007 - 09:25:28 EDT

Install SAN package from SUN (install_it) and reboot the server. 
Activate the SUN licensing on the IBM FASTt, configure LUN for the server
and everything works fine after!



Sibastien Roy

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Sebastien Roy wrote:

  Hi folks,
  I'm a real newbie regarding Solaris.  I know Unix, i'm excellent with 
  AIX but using Sun I'm a lot lost ;)    Currently one of my customer 
  purchase 2X  SG-XPCIFC-QL2 2Gb single port Fiber channel PCI-X Host bus 
  adapter, RoHS-6 Compliant.
  The question is very easy ;)   How I configure these card on the machine 
  to be able to see the LUN I will configure on our IBM SAN using a 
  FASTt!  The cards are currently inside the machine... I try to check on 
  the archive of the mailing list but I can't find anything to help me!
  I have no problem configuring the SAN/FASTt but about Solaris i'm 
  totally lost!
  The server is running Solaris 9!   If you can help me feel free to send 
  me an email, I will do a summary to the list!
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