SUMMARY - latest OPB version for Ultra Enterprise 450

From: Ioan Nemes <>
Date: Tue Jul 03 2007 - 23:38:01 EDT

It seems that 106122-11 is the latest OPB for the Ultra Enterprise 450.

    OBP 3.30.0 2003/11/11 10:41   POST 6.1.0 2003/11/11 10:27

As for the prtdiag reporting NO DISK in upper slots, let me quote from
Richard Butler's e-mail:

"I was told (talking to a Sun tech) that the problem is that the base
4-disk backplane is not full (Disk 3).  It appears the OBP then assumes
all the higher numbers are empty (I would call this a bug!).  The hardware
manual does however say "Each disk drive should be installed in the
lowest-numbered drive slot available.  Fill drive bays from the bottom
of the disk cage to the top" (page 63), ..."

Well, I tested by filling all slots in the bottom 4 disk cage, but still,
the prtdiag won't see the disk in the upper slots. 

Thanks for everybody who replied.


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