SUMMARY (sort of) convert dpt raid to "normal" scsi

Date: Tue Jun 12 2007 - 10:11:04 EDT
I've had no hits on this so I guess it either can't be done or no one has
really tried it.

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Subject: convert dpt raid to "normal" scsi

Situation: Sun 450 with 2 SRC/P DPT controllers (375-0078) to 2 expansion
backplanes running Solaris 9. Everything works fine, but I want to upgrade to
Solaris 10 (its a play box). Solaris 10 DOES NOT support the DPT controllers.

Questions: Is there a way to convert the disks to "normal" scsi? I have at
least 1 dual scsi adapter (375-3191) (and I think I can find at least 1
The controller to back plane ribbon cables look to be the same, so can I just
change out the controllers and use the same cables? Or as an long shot, does
anyone have access to the driver code so that we could try to compile it
against Solaris 10?

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