SUMMARY:IP filtering

From: Eva Szabadkai <>
Date: Fri Jun 01 2007 - 03:30:27 EDT
Thanks very much to

 Adrian Cole
 Moti Levy
 Gary Hyman
 John Hallman
 Brian Dunbar

Most of them suggested me to use ipfilter or SunScreen, I have chosen
ipfilter and this solved
my problem perfectly.
Original message:

Hi Gurus,

I have 2 box,  A and B  running Solaris9,  on the same switch and I'd like
to prevent any incoming IP packets
from A to B host. I want to avoid using router or any extra hw, is there any
solution in solaris9?
The above switch is not standalone,  it is connected to our network with
other computers.
 A and B should IP communicate with  other computers on the network.

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