SUMMARY: smpatch on sol-10, part 2

From: Sal Serafino <>
Date: Tue May 29 2007 - 13:37:44 EDT
I've had some correspondance with Chris Barnard, who has identified that there 
are hidden dependencies between the smpatch/updatemanager and several of the 
WBEM packages.  So, I did a re-re-reinstall on my second T2000 that included 
these.  The first T2000, which I can't reinstall just now, still gets stuck 
while trying to start up cacaoadm, so no patches for this box just yet.

After the initial OS install, I installed some additional software (Companion CD 
packages, Studio11, etc.) and then installed the 10_Recommended Cluster, making 
sure to run the install, reboot, and re-run the install.

After that, I was able to register my system through updatemanager, but I still 
get an error when trying to install patches.  I was then able to run smpatch, 
and I noticed that there were a number of patches to the Basic Registration, 
Install Software, Common Agent Container, and other packages that appear be 
required for the updatemanager GUI to run.  After running 'smpatch update' and 
rebooting, I did an 'rm -rf *' from /var/sadm/spool, and 'rm -rf .gconf* .gnome* 
java/ .softwareupdate/ .sunw/' from /.  Now, smpatch and updatemanager hoth 
run, and I am very happy this is no longer broken.

For additional reference, Martin Paul suggested that I use PCA.  I looked at it 
briefly, but decided that I don't want to maintain any of its hard-coded magic.  
Otherwise, it looks like a nice little package -- thanks, Martin!

General consensus is, Sun dropped the ball with the new patch software; most 
people who emailed me thought that clusters and the old PatchDiag script were 
much better.  I can't say I agree 100% since this is the first real problem I've 
had with it, but I will say that this particular experience left me sour.

Thanks to all for your comments and suggestions,
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