summary: PRNG is not seeded

From: s.zhou <>
Date: Thu May 24 2007 - 16:37:15 EDT
Thanks for all who replied. Basically I need patch 112438 on some of
my Solaris 8 systems and some have alreay had this patch installed.

By the way, I have similar problems with some of my SGIs. Do you know 
is there any such SGI's managers mailing list around?


Shouben Zhou 
Science Systems and Applications Inc.(SSAI) 
1 Enterprise Pkwy, Hampton, VA 23666
Tel: (757)827-4887  Fax: (757)825-9129

>Have you seen this before?
>I have got openssh 4.6p1 from and installed. While test
>the newly installed sshd by /usr/local/sbin/sshd -v, I got:
>PRNG is not seeded.
>Do you know what is the quickest fix for that? Also I got same error 
>message on some IRIX machines as well.
>Shouben Zhou 
>Science Systems and Applications Inc.(SSAI) 
>1 Enterprise Pkwy, Hampton, VA 23666
>Tel: (757)827-4887  Fax: (757)825-9129
>sunmanagers mailing list
sunmanagers mailing list
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